Signing up for Raid Rewards

The Raid Rewards bounties are paid for participating in RAIDS organized by the Raider Token Community. These RAIDS will take place in the Internet and on Social Media. Some RAIDS might take place offline. Some RAIDS might also be different challenges or competitions. We’re open to trying anything and that might benefit the adoption of Raider Token as a digital currency. If you have ideas, please let us know in Telegram.

How to sign up for Raid Rewards.

In order to participate in the Raid Rewards Program, you will need to have an account at

This is required.

How to participate in the Raid Bounties.

Raid Bounties will be posted on this website and linked throughout our Raider Token Social Media accounts. They will not be posted at all places at all times. It is encouraged that you join as many Raider Token accounts as possible to avoid missing a potential chance to collect RAID Rewards tokens.

Raider Token: Interlinked

It is also encouraged that you follow as many Raider Token Community members as you can find. Some Raid Bounties might only be posted on a particular Raider Token community member’s account. This method is designed to encourage active participation amongst the community members. The idea is to create our own Raider Token Influencers. Raid Rewards is not a one person show. Raider Token is a Community first. The more we all prosper, the stronger the community becomes.

Creating Social Media Accounts

The following is a list of Social Media Platforms that we will be using.

  • Reddit (Necessary)
  • YouTube (Necessary)
  • Instagram (Necessary)
  • Astrospaces (Necessary)
  • Pinterest (Optional)
  • Coin Market Cap (Necessary)
  • Unsplash (Optional)
  • Tumblr (Optional)
  • Facebook (Optional)
  • Telegram (Optional)
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