Upcoming Raid Rewards Articles

This is an unofficial list of possible articles that I would like to write or record. I like to brainstorm live. As a community project, anybody has the right to make content. If you make a video, let me know. I will either link to your channel or add your video to the Raider Token Crypto channel.

This list might work best as a FAQ. If you have anything that you would like me to write about, please make a comment. I’ll add all good suggestions to the list.

Raid R Suggestion List

The Roadmap

How to make money with Raider Rewards (in Progress)

Instant Payout -vs- Monthly Payout

Paying-off the Blockblend Debt

Content Creators: Becoming an Influencer

End Goal of Raid Rewards (RaidR)

What’s RaidZ?

What is the Raider Token Foundation?

What is the Raider Token Market Place?

Why not do a Raider Token burn?

Why the second token? Why not give Raider Token away?

What are the Raider Rewards tokenomics?

Why is Raider Token hostile toward other cryptocurrency projects?

What is the r/Rugpull Subreddit?

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