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Reddit Raid: May 28, 2023

Reddit Raid: Action completed

Thank you to the 6 people who participated in the Reddit Raid. The Rewards are distributed as follows:

  • Thin_Garnage7800: 13 posts x 500 = 6,500 x 2* x 2** = 26,000 RaidRewards
  • Samdandew2020: 1 post = 500 RaidRewards
  • Parking-Drop6632: 1 Post = 500 RaidRewards
  • Grand_Surprise1014: 11 posts = 5,500 x 2* = 11,000 RaidRewards
  • michikes12: 2 posts = 1,000 RaidRewards
  • RaiderKacjola: 4 posts = 2,000 RaidRewards
  • Key:
  • x2* = 8 Post Bonus (multiplied by 2)
  • x2* = Most Posts Bonus (grand total multiplied by 2)

Reddit Raid Action May28 to June 01, 2023

The following Reddit Raid posts are made up of text, images and links to several of our Raider Token accounts. Please make as many comments as you can. Follow, Like, and Upvote all of the other Raiders taking part in this ACTION.

This is a 72 hour Raid. The Reddit Raid ends on June 1st.

I want to give away as many Raid Rewards as I can. To get them. all you have to do is participate. this is something that we should be doing anyhow. The Awards & Rewards are just a bonus for the more active Raiders.

Reddit Raid Reward Bounties

RaidR can be earned for this Reddit Raid.

The bounties are as follows:

  • Interact with any post to earn 500 RaidR
  • Interact with ALL eight Posts to earn 2x Rewards
  • More than 5 Comments in any Post earns 500 RaidR
  • 5 Comments on All eight Posts earns 2x Rewards
  • The person making the most comments earns 2x their grand total

Reddit Awards will also be liberally given out to all participants in the Raid Action.

Reddit Raid Bounties Tracked in TG

The list of participants and their Reddit Raid Rewards and Awards.

Reddit Raid Bounties Tracked in TG

All of the participants in the Reddit Raid can view their rewards in the Raider Rewards telegram group. Information will also be posted in the main group.

1) r/AllCryptoBets

AllCryptoBets is probablly going to be excluded from all future RAIDS. The amount of spam that has been thrown on the post makes me think this Subreddit is unmoderated and rogue. It still provides SEO backlinks for our websites, but it is super sketchy. Be careful. Do not follow any of the links being posted in the thread. All of those links will harm you.

2) r/CryptoMarsShots

3) RaidNation

Raid Nation

4) RaiderTeam247


5) RaiderToken (repost)

r/RaiderToken (repost of CryptoMars)

6) RaidNation (repost)

r/RaidNation (repost of BSCListings)

7) RaiderTeam247 (repost)

r/RaiderTeam247 (repost of BSCMoonShots)

Reddit Raid Crossposts Count Too!

I love SEO backlinks. Any outside source linking to and is good for the project. That’s why I try to crosspost all of the Reddit posts I make. It’s a fast way to get a few more backlinks.

Unfortunately, crossposts are also super confusing for me. I find it difficult to keep track of all these interlinked posts. For the purpose of this Raid Action, making comments on the crossposts count for Rewards too.

1) RaiderTeam247 Crosspost

RaiderTeam247 Crosspost

2) RaiderTeam247 Crosspost


3) RaidNation Crosspost

RaidNation Crosspost

4) RaidNation Crosspost

RaidNation Crosspost

5) RaidNation Crosspost

RaidNation Crosspost

6) RaiderToken

RaiderToken Crosspost

7) RaiderToken Crosspost

RaiderToken Crosspost

Deleted Posts Still Count

Several of our posts were taken down by the Reddit Automod. The official messages stated, “Sorry, this post was removed by Reddit’s spam filters. Reddit’s automated bots frequently filter posts it thinks might be spam.” I appealed to the mods, but I think the subreddit is unmoderated. For those of you who were able to engage with those posts before they were deleted, you still qualify to get your Raider Rewards bounties. Engaging with a post earns 500 RaidR.

The legacy page announcing the Raid can be found here: Crypto Moonshots. The bounties on that page are no longer valid. The updated bounties for the Reddit Raid is listed at the top here: Reddit Raid Bounties.

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One thought on “Reddit Raid: May 28, 2023”

  1. Bounties can be earned until June 1st, 2023. Even though interacting with these posts will not count for RaidR[ewards], all good raiders should keep interacting with our social media. I should not have to pay Raiders. Upvoting our social media helps Raider Token grow. That should be our goal regardless if we get paid in RaidR or not.

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