Bounty #1 CoinMarketCap


CoinMarketCap (CMC) is the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website. Raider Token was listed on CoinMarketCap eight days after the project launched in March 2022. Unfortunately, we were a new community and not prepared for the chaos that happened directly after the CMC listing. Unfortunately now, over a year later, Raider Token is no longer listed on CMC.

An active Raider Token community on CoinMarketCap would be beneficial to the Raider Token project. The benefits are two-fold.

  1. Raider Token might get listed on CMC again.
  2. Raider Token would get the SEO benefits by being backlinked from CMC

Bounty: 500 RAIDR

(Not yet active)

Complete the following tasks.

Sign-up for the Raid by making a comment on this page.

  1. Create a CoinMarketCap account
  2. Add a picture to your profile
  3. Add a Raider Token themed background picture to your profile page
  4. Make 5 Posts with properly formatted links to
  5. Make quality comments and like other Raider Token community member posts (5 minimum)
  6. Follow everyone followed by @RaiderToken
  7. Publish a page in your account with links to your 5 posts and 5 comments.

Notify us in the telegram group.

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7 thoughts on “Bounty #1 CoinMarketCap”

      1. Wonder how easy it would be to track? I’ve left comments, but can’t see other new comments on cmc.

        1. Impossible really. Especially if 500 people are involved. Point 7 should help.

          It’s Raiders promoting Raider Token, so it doesn’t really make sense for people to not complete the bounty.

          1. How do you promote: keep Raider in your name… use Raider art for your twitter profile… little things like that.

  1. Yes. That’s in the video. Each bounty gets a video, where I do all the things that I want people to do. Step by step.

    Good questions. You gave me good feed back. I appreciate your time.

    This all starts on June 1st. I’m building everything live. None of this is really ready yet. I started before I even knew what website that I would use. My operating principle is how I always work in the web: Just start. Start now.

    “If you wait until you are ready, as the saying goes, you will wait forever.” – Gene Simmons

  2. We’re the Raider Token Raiders. I want people to join the RAIDS. Asking for help like I did in the tg and Reddit last month got ZERO response. Just Selena and I. Everybody else said, “No!” Nobody wants to do any RAIDING anymore. Well, that’s not going to get us anywhere. That’s why I started RAIDER REWARDS.

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