What Are Raider Rewards?

Raider Rewards are a kind of loyalty badge given to the hard core members of the Raider Token community. Before we can tell you what Raider Rewards are, we have to first tell you what Raider Token is.

What is Raider Token?

Raider Token ($Raid) is is an ownerless cryptocurrency designed in the same spirit as Bitcoin or DogeCoin. Raider Token has no owners or developers. It has no marketing wallet. $RAID exists immutably on the Binance Smart Chain in a quite safe and untouchable fashion. $Raid is free from human influence. The only thing that influences $RAID is the buy and sell pressures of people day trading Raider Token.

Since Raider Token has no Developer Team, Raider Token has both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Advantage: Raider Token has no owner, developer, developer team or group of insiders that can destroy the project by committing fraud ( known as a rug-pull).

Disadvantage: Raider Token has no owner, developer, developer team or marketing wallet to push the project forward.

Raiders Raid for Raider Token

Every cryptocurrency community has a core group of people that do the majority of the projects social media posting and promoting. This activity is often called “shilling”. Raider Token is a community made-up of these type of dedicated promoters. Instead of calling ourselves shillers, we call ourselves RAIDERS. The act of shilling is called RAIDING. An organized shilling action is called The RAID or a RAID.

What is Raider Rewards?

Raider Rewards (RAIDR) are kind of like REDDIT KARMA or CAMEL CASH or SKY MILES. Raider Rewards are like loyalty points. RAIDR are earned by participating in the RAID that we are currently promoting. Each RAID or task will have a bounty associated with it. If a RAIDER completes the task, they get the bounty.

For example, signing up to participate in the Raider Rewards program has a bounty of 500 RAIDR. If you would like to sign up, complete the following:

  1. Create an Account (Register)
  2. Post your user name in the AnyRaiderOfficial telegram group.
  3. Tell us wallet address to send the RAIDR to.